Monitor Your Children’s Activities On The Internet And On Social Media

The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the Internet Protocol Suite to link devices worldwide. It is a network that consists of private, public, academic, business, and government networks of local to global scope, linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless, and optical networking technologies.

Most traditional communication media including telephony, radio, television, paper mail and newspapers are reshaped, redefined and even bypassed by the internet giving birth to new services such as email, Internet telephony, online music etc the internet has enabled and accelerated new forms of personal interactions through instant messaging, internet forums, and social networking.

We all make use of the internet both adults, teenagers, the aged and even little kids. In the modern day world we live in today due to the level of technological advancement, there are various ways and means you can easily get connected to and again access to the internet, either through your smartphone or through your computer system.

The invention of smartphones has made it very much easy for anyone to gain access to the internet. As we constantly emphasize the benefits of the internet, we must also point out that the internet has its negative side to it as well especially to little kids and children.

The Internet can be a dangerous zone for children and even teenagers. There are a lot of dangers from the internet which can be harmful and dangerous to children; from cyber-predators to social media posts that can as well come back to haunt them later on. No doubt, the internet can be an extremely useful tool for kids, teenagers and young people to make use of; but instant messaging, chat rooms, emails and social networking sites can also bring trouble from cyberbullying to more serious internet dangers including exposure to sexual predators.

This is the more reason why it is always adviceable for parents or guardians to always keep track and monitor the activities of their kids or ward often to be well aware of what they are up to online. The first and most important step is to teach your kids on how to use the internet and social media responsibly. This training should be started early. Parents can get to monitor and control the mobile phones of their kids or teens without having to touch the mobile device using Legendary Hacks Monitoring Software.

In a situation whereby even after providing good examples of responsible use of the internet and social media, many parents still worry maybe a child is spending an inordinate amount of time online, is worrisomely preoccupied with social status, or has suddenly become withdrawn and anxious since being given internet access. Though these behaviors can point to a number of different causes, monitoring the child’s internet usage may give some insight.


  • Cyberbullying: This includes sending hateful messages or even death threats to children, spreading lies about them online, making nasty comments on their social networking profiles etc Cyberbullying differs from schoolyard bullying in the sense that teachers can’t intervene on the internet. When it happens online, there is no one to filter it. Social media and online games are today’s virtual playground, and that is where much cyberbullying takes place.
  • Downloading malware Accidentally: Malware is a computer software that is installed without the knowledge of permission of the victim and performs harmful actions on the computer. This includes stealing personal information from your computer.
  • Pornography: The truth is, a substantial number of kids are watching online pornography, and many of these kids are seeing videos depicting violent or criminal acts. Though a very limited number of studies have attempted to prove that earlier sexual encounters and gender stereotyping are direct result of viewing porn at a young age, these merely show correlations (it’s unclear whether teens who are curious about sex watch pornography or if watching the images leads to earlier sexual behavior). In any case, early exposure to pornography can definitely be damaging to a child or teens sense of what constitutes a healthy sexuality, leading them to believe that the sex they are watching onscreen is the way they are expected to behave, or feel.
  • Cyberpredators: Sexual and other predators can stalk kids on the internet, taking advantage of children’s innocence, abusing their trust and perhaps ultimately luring them into very dangerous personal encounters. These cyberpredators lurk on social media and even often on games sites which kids are often fond of and these are sites that appeal to children.


  • Comprehensively spy and monitor all your kids activities online and all other social media platforms. Specifically designed to let parents monitor or control their children’s phones and filter what they see on the internet and on social media; this is to help parents or guardians make sure their kids or wards are safe. It does not only let you monitor your kids communications, but features like app blocking can help parents customize which apps they use, by specifically limiting the amount of time a child spends for example on gaming sites or social media platforms.
  • Gain access to view and see all contents on your kids mobile device such as all texts, calls, emails, conversations from all social media platforms the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Skype etc such that you will be able to know they people your kids interact with online and who they are chatting with at any particular point in time. Spy and track all call logs and you get to know from where a particular call is coming from with their names and additional details that will be provided to you.
  • Monitor your children’s exact GPS location at each point in time such that you will be totally aware of their movement and their where about etc
  • Track reminders and notes; you will be able to track all the reminders and notes on the mobile. Mobiles have become the centrepiece of our lives and are used to keep reminders about our essential activities. This information will let you know if your kids are up to something sketchy if the reminders and notes look weird.
  • You get to gain access to and view all installed apps
  • Track all downloaded files and Media from WhatsApp; the trusted WhatsApp tracking and mobile monitoring software would provide you with instant access to the downloaded files and multimedia files that your children exchanges on Whatsapp. Whatsapp messaging app is now one of the most popular messaging apps and can provide you with information on their activities.

It is compatible with all Mobile devices, be it Android, Windows or iOS devices running up to their latest versions respectively.

In Conclusion; With all the dangers and risks children and teenagers are capable of facing on the internet these days and the harm it can cause upon them; it is always a good idea for parents and guardians to be at alert and on the look out to make sure their kids do not fall victims of the dangers and risks of the internet. It is a wise move to always employ a quality cell phone monitoring software on your kid’s mobile phones.

This way, you will stay updated on what they do and keep them safe. With the use of Legendary Hacks, you are guaranteed of being on top of every single activity going on and happening on your kids or ward’s mobile device remotely.


  1. I want to be able to monitor and track my children’s internet and social media activities such as sites visited, the browser history and the contents they’ve accessed via their phones. How do i subscribe for the service?

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