How To Hire A Hacker For Cell Phone Hack

How To Hack A Cell Phone

We live under the belief of false security and more if it is our smartphones. But a study carried out by NTU in Singapore shows that our phones are very vulnerable.  During their investigation, they managed to hack cell phones using the information they collected from six different sensors. These data, combined with different algorithms of machine learning and deep learning of last generation, gave them the access codes.

We live under a false sense of security regarding technology, but our devices are much more vulnerable than we think. This new technique can be used to guess any of the 10,000 possible four-digit PIN combinations. Hacking a mobile no longer seems so difficult, right?

The process only required three attempts to unlock an Android device, which used one of the 50 most used PIN numbers, with 99.5% accuracy. This discovery makes our smartphones even more vulnerable, since before they had a 74% accuracy rate in phone hacking for the 50 most common PIN numbers.

But how does it work? To find out the PIN, the researchers turned to sensors that identified the numbers that had been pressed more times by the users. The sensors were able to obtain the numbers by how the phone was tilted and by the amount of light blocking it. It was then that they realized that their investigation had encountered a security problem in smartphones . The use of these sensors does not need any permission to activate and they are also available for the use of all the applications that the user has installed.

During the study, the researchers collected Android phones and installed a custom application that was dedicated to processing and collecting data from six sensors: ambient light, proximity, accelerometer, barometer, magnetometer and gyroscope.

The researchers collected information from different phone sensors to be able to hack mobile phones. The data in this application does not give you the PIN number at the moment, but they offer you data that will help you launch an attack later. This may seem incredible to you about the sensors, but you must understand that when we enter the PIN number on our phone we do not press the same when pressing 2 or 7 or 0.

To develop the classification algorithm, the data collected from three people was used. Each entered 70 combinations of four PIN numbers on the phone. During this process the most relevant sensor reactions were recorded. This process is known as  deep learning. The classification made by this algorithm revealed different degrees of importance depending on the sensors, based on how sensitive each one was to the different numbers that are pressed. This eliminates other factors and increases the success rate of the PIN number.

Beware of the applications you download, malicious software could play tricks on you.

Each person enters the PIN code differently on their phone, but as more people’s data is obtained, the algorithm is fed and the success rates improve.

The results of the study are evident and, in addition to the potential for filtered passwords, access to the information that the phone’s sensor has and the amount of information it can reveal about a user’s behavior is worrying.

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