How To Hack Any WhatsApp Account

Can WhatsApp Be Hacked?

Yes, you can hack WhatsApp account both in an online and offline mode. There are several spyware available to spy on WhatsApp account. The hacking occurs irrespective of your phone’s OS version. The hacking algorithm plays well on the iOS platform too. Most parental control apps include this feature to protect their kids from cyber threats and bullying. Make use of the WhatsApp hacking tools for a good cause. The great challenge for the parents of the teens and kids and the employers as well as a partner or spouse is to choose a reliable hacking and spying tool to access the WhatsApp account on the target device remotely.  

“How can i track and monitor WhatsApp messages without having access to the target phone? I want to know with whom my partner talks to and chat with on WhatsApp when i am away, but I seem not to find any solution!”

This is a query asked by one of our customers about a reliable WhatsApp spy tool. Well, the truth is that just like her, several other thoughtful individuals also encounter a similar situation. If you also wish to spy on WhatsApp conversations of your kids, partner, parents, friends, employees, or anyone else, then you need to use the right tools. This is exactly what i am doing to discuss this in-depth WhatsApp spy guide. Hop on learn and discover how to spy on someone’s WhatsApp.

Why You Need to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages?

Some people think that getting access to track and monitor someone’s WhatsApp is not possible, which is a common misconception. All you got to do is to find out the best and most reliable way to go about it, which is by making use of reliable spy tools/spyware in order to spy on the target device which would keep recording all the WhatsApp conversations in the background. It will update the information on its server and let you access it remotely from your user dashboard. In most of the cases, people choose to use WhatsApp spy tools due to the following reasons:

• Parents would like to know with whom their kids talk to on WhatsApp and what kind of messages they exchange.
• A lot of parents want to make sure that their kids are not in touch with an online predator or getting exposed to indecent content on WhatsApp.
• If you are in a relationship, then you would want to spy on your partner if perhaps you suspect something and you need to make sure and find out if they are still loyal or not.
• You can also spy on your employees and make sure that they are being honest and not leaking your company’s sensitive information.
• You can spy on your parents, friends, or anyone else and get to know about their friends or their present state of mind.

Need To Hack WhatsApp Account Online?

Here Is How To Go About It

1. Online Method

We will start by looking at two different ways to hack WhatsApp online. The web is the best source to find the right tool to accomplish the task. There are several methods available on internet to hack WhatsApp and there are numerous links that the web researcher comes across while browsing.

One who wishes to select the right solution will be required to provide the details of the number to be hacked (that is, the target’s phone number). It just takes a while and expertise to break into the target phone, and the information is displayed for the user who wish to access the targets WhatsApp.

This method is quite useful if you want to monitor your partner or child’s activities and their secret involvement on the app. Also, if there is no sensitive objective behind hacking and it is just for fun this method is reliable as well. Note, if your internet connection is slow, it will take more time to display the results.

2. Spoofing method

This hacking method is certainly not an easy method. To use this method you need to be technically sound and carry out the process effectively. Here, the MAC device address is utilized to spy on any WhatsApp account and provides the facility to make use of same WhatsApp on a different phone with same MAC address. You just need to ensure that you have the details of the target device and this makes it easy to spoof it to your device.

This WhatsApp hacking method is a little complicated. This is the more reason why one needs to have technical knowledge. One needs to keep an eye on the MAC device address. You need to just make a note of the targeted person device address and then spoof it on your phone.

In case of Android, you need to head to phone settings to monitor the status and pull out the Wi-Fi MAC address. In case of iPhone users, you need to head to general settings and then find Wi-Fi address. For Blackberry users, head to the device and then status information and then to WLAN MAC address.

Hack WhatsApp Messages Online

Like you already know, WhatsApp is a freeware cross-platform that offers messaging plus voice over IP service. And it is catching everyone’s interest globally. WhatsApp has really become popular, and acquired by social media giant. It allows its user to send and receive messages as well as voice calls. In addition to this, it allows transferring of documents, images, video calls, and other documents as well. This popular messaging application has grown in many of the countries. Currently, WhatsApp is available for computer, tablet, mobile phone (iOS, android devices etc). It’s extension has benefited the users however it has created problems as well. Things like cyberbullying, sexting, and other theft make it susceptible to many other things. Keep reading on how you can protect your kid, spouse, through it.

The evolution of the web has brought lots of benefits and social media platform is getting popular. Most of the application like Facebook and WhatsApp is getting popular. However, there are lots of illegal activities going on every single day.

Reasons Why People Are Interested in Hacking Other’s WhatsApp Online?

  • Cyberbullying – Kids are often cyber bullied due to physical violence. You can protect him or her by keeping track and monitoring his or her whatsapp chats and activities and get to intervene whenever such acts of cyberbullying occurs.
  • Stealing Images and Photos – The social media photos and videos can be stolen by the cyber attacker or spammer. The spouse images and photos can be stolen by an unknown person. You can safeguard your spouse from this criminal activity.
  • Infidelity – A lot of extra marital affairs and other cases of infidelity are being continuously discovered on Whatsapp, which make people interested in hacking it.

All these activities have increased risk in everyone’s life. Is there any solution? Yes, parents, spouse, an employer can make use of a third-party application.

Get To Hack WhatsApp Account Online

If you are looking for the best method of hacking someone’s WhatsApp account online, then MAC spoofing is the way to go. Though a bit technical, the process is implemented by following the instructions below. Take into consideration that you cannot use this method to hack WhatsApp without the targets phone.

  1. Uninstall your version of WhatsApp from your device. Access to your target’s phone. Find the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the target device. It is usually in the form of six pairs of numbers, e.g., 01:53:35:47:78:cb. The MAC address can be found from Settings>About Phone>Status>WiFi MAC Address in Android devices, and for iPhone you can use Settings>General>About>WiFi Address. Find and record your own MAC address. Enter the target MAC address into your phone to fool WhatsApp and access your target’s account. Use MAC Spoofing apps such as Wifispoof or Mac Daddy X for iPhones and Terminal Emulator or BusyBox for Android. Download and reinstall WhatsApp on your device and configure it using the targets phone number. A confirmation code will go to the target phone for verification, so make sure you have that device with you. Use the confirmation code and then delete it. Access to your victim’s account. Now you can reset your own MAC address.

Exploiting WhatsApp Web

Another method of hacking someone’s WhatsApp account is to make use of WhatsApp’s web service. Remember, you cannot perform this hack on someone without access to their phone. The steps are as below:

  1. Open WhatsApp on the target phone and click the menu icon at the top-right hand corner. Click on WhatsApp Web. From Chrome, open the desktop site. You will be presented with a QR code. Scan the code from your target phone, and you will be signed in automatically.

Note: The versions of Android 7.1.2 and iOS 10 activate a constant notification on the target’s phone whenever WhatsApp web is activated.

Send an Image In order To Hack WhatsApp

This method is for those people who want to hack WhatsApp without the target phone. Wondering how it works? You need to insert malicious code into an image and send a photo to your victim. By the time he or she opens that image, the system starts working and penetrates the device, giving you full access to all WhatsApp files, chats and conversations.

This method requires strong coding skills and is not for beginners. Hacking WhatsApp account with an image is an effective way to access your victim’s messages and other important files. WhatsApp account can be hacked within seconds.

Now you know how to hack WhatsApp account. We have provided you with information about different methods of hacking a WhatsApp account. Monitor someone’s online activity and read his or her text messages, get access to shared files, see attached images, watch videos.

Hack WhatsApp Web Online

Ever wondered your WhatsApp can be hacked easily, and here hacking means one can read your WhatsApp messages and even send along with media without your notice. But do not worry we are here to share the WhatsApp Hack Trick after which one can secure their WhatsApp, at the same time have fun with the WhatsApp account of others too.

The Trick to Spy on WhatsApp using WhatsApp web is so easy that you do not require any coding skills. All you need to do is to get the best person to hack whatsapp messages on target’s phone, or the mobile phone itself. This feature of WhatsApp – WhatsApp Web allows users to have access to their WhatsApp account on any browser that is capable of Loading WhatsApp Web Website via Desktop view. This WhatsApp Spy feature is on the trick to get the QR Code of Victims WhatsApp and thereby scan it on your Browser after which you can have the real-time access to Victims WhatsApp without any problem.


Get the Targets Smartphone and head over to the WhatsApp Web option that you see by pressing on 3 dots on Android or On Settings Gear on iOS powered devices. Once you open WhatsApp Web, Now Select Option to Scan QR Code. Head over to Your laptop or any browser on which you want to have the victims WhatsApp running. Open If you are opening the URL on PC or Laptop, then it is fine, but if you chose to use browser of your smartphone (Chrome is recommended) first head over to the above URL and then Request Desktop Site. Now you will see QR Code on your screen. Just scan the QR Code using the Step 2. That is it, You have successfully gained access to the targets WhatsApp, But make sure that you do not close that tab forever when you have scanned the QR Code on your Smartphone.

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