The Top 5 Apps Cheaters Use To Cheat

Cheating Apps To Look Out For On Your Partner’s Phone

Your partner might be showing some signs of cheating besides hiding texts or pictures. These could look like hiding the screen, creating or changing passwords, not allowing you look through their phone, disabling notifications where they had them pop up on their lock screen before, etc.

Is your partner or lover hiding a secret love affair from you with the help from smartphone technology? It is not too surprising in the modern age of smartphones that people can keep their texts and calls hidden from you.

Infidelity has been a reality in relationships, but the digital age has made it easier than ever to cheat on your partner. It’s no surprise that with the prevalence of dating apps, social media, and other digital platforms, some cheaters are turning to technology to help them keep their affairs hidden. But which apps are used by cheaters? In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular apps and platforms that people use to cheat on their partners.

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Today cheating is often started not from physical face to face dates, but from virtual ones, and correspondence. Of course, a cheater will want to hide the traces of their infidelity. The easiest way is to utilize apps used for cheating where you can hide your messages and affair.

A cheater’s primary aim and concern is to maintain privacy in their illicit conversations and shielding them from their unsuspecting partner. A cheater will always be a cheater but notwithstanding, it is important to point out that there are different types of cheaters; There are those that cheat occasionally and likewise we have serial cheaters.

Serial cheaters juggle multiple affairs simultaneously, skillfully keeping their relationships separate to avoid detection from either party. People that fall under this category of serial cheaters engage in a pattern of repeated infidelity in their romantic relationships. They consistently seek out and engage in extramarital affairs. They display a chronic inability to remain faithful and loyal to their partners, often involving themselves in multiple simultaneous affairs.

A serial cheater will most likely exhibit traits such as a lack of remorse, a tendency to manipulate and deceive, and a constant need for novelty and validation outside of their committed relationship.

Unlike serial cheaters, Occasional cheaters are individuals who engage in infidelity on a sporadic basis. They are more likely to have isolated instances of cheating, often driven by specific circumstances or opportunities unlike serial cheaters who maintain multiple simultaneous affairs.

For instance, a Serial cheater will most certainly choose a signal or telegram for communication, while a random/occasional cheater will use popular social networks like Facebook, or WhatsApp.

If by chance you happen to discover that your partner has a dating app e.g Tinder, on his or her phone, and you both have been together in a relationship for sometime, that is a strong indication that they are still playing the field. This is even more true if they have an app for a cheating site like Ashley Madison, which is a dating site for married people who want to cheat.

If your partner makes use of secret messaging apps, it will be a bit difficult to sniff out because these apps can also be used for other things besides cheating. However, that is not to say these apps are not used by cheaters to cover their secret affair as these apps allow for secret communication with other people, with photos and texts being hidden or destroyed after a certain amount of time.

Which Apps Are Used By Cheaters?

Cheating Apps To Look Out For

  1. Snapchat – Before the rise and popularity of Instagram, Snapchat captivated the hearts of cheaters and many others globally with its short videos, captivating effects, and self-destructing messages. The app is a top choice among cheaters due to its feature that allow users to send self-destructing messages and not only can these messages vanish into thin air, but they can also include videos. As you can imagine this is exactly what any cheater will be much after, as there will be no traces and proof of their infidelity using the app.
  2. Telegram – This app is also another top choice among cheaters. Its features make is a perfect fit for cheaters to use to cheat. As its latest version comes with certain features specifically tailored for cheating such as Auto-delete whereby a cheater can set a countdown timer for conversations with their secret lover ensuring they are automatically deleted after a certain period of time; Another feature of this app is Hidden Chats. Telegram offers the ability to have secret conversations and this is protected by a pin for exclusive access. These hidden chats remain completely inaccessible to others.
  3. Viber – This is a widely available messaging application and it is also very popular among cheaters simply due to its specific features such as ‘Secret Chats‘ and ‘Hidden Chats‘. With this features a cheater can send messages, images, and videos that automatically self destruct after a designated time, ensuring no evidence remains. With the ‘Hidden Chat‘ feature, a cheater can conceal specific conversations from prying eyes, such that even if your partner browses through your chats, the affair remains hidden until you enter a pin, seamlessly integrating it into the main chat list.
  4. WhatsApp – This messaging app is very popular among smartphone users mainly due to its simplicity. Its unique feature is the implementation of end-to-end encryption, which makes sure that your shared data remains secure and inaccessible to anyone except someone gets physical access to your phone. As a cheater who engages in infidelity and your partner rarely check your phone, this app can serve as a reliable way for maintaining secrecy. Nevertheless, there‚Äôs always a possibility that your partner may grow suspicious and decide to inspect your device. To further protect your privacy, it’s recommended to set a password for the account. However, it’s worth noting that this won’t protect you from spyware. If your partner is very suspicious that you are cheating through WhatsApp, they can decide to Hire a Hacker to catch you red-handed.
  5. Instagram – This app is one of the most popular social media platforms today, especially among teenagers and adults; It is known for its photo sharing capabilities, and serves as more than just a visual platform. It serves also as a discreet communication channel for those seeking secrecy. With its guise as a social media app, particularly appealing to women engaged in extramarital affairs; Instagram has become a popular fishing ground for cheaters in search of new lovers.

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