How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating

Beware Of The Cheating Signs

Infidelity has been a reality in relationships, but the digital age has made it easier than ever to cheat on your partner. It’s no surprise that with the prevalence of dating apps, social media, and other digital platforms, some cheaters are turning to technology to help them keep their affairs hidden.

Do you feel suspicious that your partner might be cheating on you?

Today cheating is often started not from physical face to face dates, but from virtual ones, and correspondence. Of course, a cheater will ALWAYS want to hide the traces of their infidelity.

Your partner might be showing some signs of cheating besides hiding texts or pictures. These could come in the form of not allowing you look through their phone, it can also come in the form of constantly creating or changing passwords, disabling notifications where they had them pop up on their lock screen before, and so on.

It is only natural to want to know why your partner is cheating, but there is rarely a straightforward answer to why someone becomes unfaithful. It could be a symptom of other problems in your relationship, it could relate to something in your partner’s past, or perhaps it could even be totally unrelated to you or to your marriage either. No matter the cause, you will have a lot of complicated feelings to sort through, and a lot to think about as you decide how to move forward.

Being unfaithful to a partner or spouse is a clear indicator that the relationship is unhealthy. If your relationship is on a rocky surface, you may suspect that your partner is cheating and seeing someone else.

This can be a difficult period, but how can you know for sure if your suspicions is true and valid? It is important to look for the right kinds of signs, and approach the situation in a responsible way.

Infidelity can be heartbreaking and it is one of the challenging problems faced in a relationship. While many people are blindsided if and when they find out about a partner cheating, others may suspect infidelity because of actions that are out of the norm. It describes the act of engaging in emotional or sexual intimacy with someone outside the agreed upon boundaries of your marriage or relationship.

It has become a norm in the modern day society such that the rate of infidelity in relationships is always ever increasing in recent times these days, varying from about 20% to 50%. Infidelity can have a strong impact on the relationship and can lead to depression, guilt, blame, and anger.

Warning Signs Of Infidelity That Show Your Partner Is Cheating

It can be difficult to know if your partner is cheating on you without concrete evidence. However, there are some warning signs that your partner may be engaging in infidelity. When it comes to infidelity, there will usually be multiple red flags that clue you into what is going on.

People cheat for a various reasons, but it usually happens when someone is unhappy in their relationship or marriage. If you ever suspect that your partner might be seeing someone else, then you need to take note of some certain warning signs that your relationship might just be hitting the rocks.

  • Communication Breakdown – A change in communication between you and your partner is never a good sign of a healthy relationship especially when the level of communication is always on the downside. A breakdown in communication clearly indicates things are not going on smooth in your relationship. If you can’t get your partner to communicate with you, share their day and how they feel with you then its clear there is a problem. Once your partner starts :- To ignore whatever you say, storms off without saying a word, changes the subject to avoid an uncomfortable topic, refuses to answer questions, makes accusations rather than talking about the current problem among others; then this is a warning sign that your partner is most likely engaged in infidelity and cheating on you.
  • Faraway From Home – Once your partner begins to spend more time away from home this can be a warning sign you need to take notice of. This equates to less time at home. However, if time spent elsewhere continues to rise for long periods, this may be one of the first signs of cheating or that your partner is spending time with someone else. Once you begin to ask your partner about the several time spent faraway from home and they are vague about what they are doing; this shows to a certain extent that your partner is most likely cheating.
  • False Accusations – False accusations of cheating can also be a warning sign that your partner might just be cheating on you. Projection happens when a person who has done something wrong begins to accuse others of the same bad behavior and imagine everybody else is doing it too. This is what makes a cheating partner more likely to accuse you or someone else of cheating. If your partner has accused you of cheating, not being emotionally or physically available, or changing too much, they might be trying to project their guilt onto you. Sometimes a partner will cheat if they believe their significant other is cheating first so that both parties are in the wrong. Regardless, try to stay far from the mind games and watch their behavior very closely.
  • Being Overprotective Of Their Phones or Devices – People who engage in infidelity often cheat over the internet, either on their computer, mobile phones/devices and through social media. If your partner is overly protective of their phones or defensive about spending time on them, that might mean they don’t want you to know who they are talking to and what they are up to lately. Someone who is cheating often makes it a priority to cover up their tracks. If your partner suddenly hides their phone screen from your view, or clicking out of emails or internet pages when you enter their space, they might be guilty of an affair. You might need to gain access to their phone to know the truth.
  • Different Levels Of Sexual Interaction – A partner who is getting all their intimate needs met elsewhere may lack the willingness to have them met where they are supposed to. If your partner no longer expresses an interest in physical touches like holding of hands, kissing, or even sex, you may be dealing with one of the major signs that your partner is cheating. While you might think that a person who is cheating would have less time for sex with their partner, this isn’t necessarily true. For some people, cheating actually causes them to feel sexually energized and suddenly start to seek out more frequent or different kinds of sex with the person they are cheating on.

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