The Best Spy Tools For iOS And Android Phones

Top 3 Spy Tools To Spy On Any Phone

There are various reasons why someone would want to spy and monitor the phone activities of others. For example, Parents may want to monitor their children’s online activities to ensure they are not engaging in any dangerous or harmful behavior. Employers may want to monitor their employees’ phone usage to ensure they are not leaking confidential information to competitors. Spouses may want to spy on their partners phone if they suspect infidelity.

As a Parent, the main reason for tracking and monitoring the phone of your child or children is to ensure about the safety factor. Today the high rise is seen in the crime rate and Parents are becoming more and more cautious or worried about their kids. By using the monitoring software on your children’s device, you as a parent can easily and efficiently track and monitor their phone without letting them know.

Another reason for the parents to make use of the monitoring software is to keep a full check on their children’s social media app site as well as usage. With the increase in the trend of using social networking, in numbers, the children are becoming the victim of online threats. Because of this the parents are using tracking tools and as well able to monitor their kids’ phones secretly.

There are quite a number of risks attached to being able to spy a phone, the risk of getting caught if you don’t go about it the right. Definitely, you wouldn’t want to get caught and that is why it is very important not to leave any traces behind.

To be able to spy on any phone without any hindrance, it is always best to seek and opt for the best and most reliable way and tool to get the job done for you.

In this article, we have carefully selected and compiled a list of the best Spyware programs and tools you can make use of in order to spy on any phone.

What do you want? Spy, Tracking and Monitoring a Phone? Then, this spy programs and tools is what you should consider and take seriously.

1. The Advanced Mobile Phone Tracker & Monitoring Software

One of the most effective and reliable iPhone tracking and monitoring tool is the – Advanced Mobile Phone Tracker & Monitoring Software. It has become one of the easiest ways of tracking the iPhone without letting the target know about this activity. Since the software is compatible with all devices (Android, iOS and Windows – all running up to their latest versions), it works very well, easily and conveniently with all iPhone devices. The thing that you will like about this is that there is no need to undergo the process of jail breaking or rooting.

Some of its features which makes this spy program and tool stand out and why it is also one of the most sought out after spy out there today includes the following :-

Call Logs Spying – This spyware tool is able to easily spy all the call logs on any given phone, whether received, dialed, missed and deleted call logs are recorded with ease with details like date and time stamps which means time and date of each calls, the call duration and frequency, the caller and receiver details.

Social Media Spy – All the activities performed on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, WeChat etc on the target phone or device you can get to fully spy on them all. The activities details like post shared, stories shared, list of followers, following, friends will all be seen. You shall get to see everything with this spyware tool.

Spy Text Messages – With this spyware, all the text messages sent and received from the target phone including messages initiated on various Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, etc you will be able to spy on it all which includes media files.

Compatible – The Advanced Mobile Phone Tracker & Monitoring Software provided by Legendary Hacks is compatible with all versions of iOS, Android and Windows devices that are introduced to date. Therefore, as a user, you have nothing to worry about as you will be able to spy on your target phone irrespective of the phone model or version as this spyware tool is compatible with all devices.

Use-friendly – It is designed in such a manner that a user won’t find it complicated to use. The process is a lot easier and can be done without putting much effort. You only have to set up the spyware tool and, the tracking work will be done and activated for you.

Untraceable – This spyware works in a hidden mode and is not at all leaving any sign or mark of being used at the person’s device. This app will function effectively at the device background without making any noise and will acquire all the details for you.

2. The RCM Ultramodern Spyware Tool

This Spyware tool is very easy and convenient to use, it is without a doubt one of the best choice for Android and iPhone devices. It allows a user to view a targeted phone browser history, you can spy on text messages, take photos remotely and much more all without having the phone in your possession; simply meaning you do not need any sort of physical (direct) access to the target phone.

If you are looking to spy on any phone be it iPhone or Android and you are either unwilling or unable to jailbreak it, then this spyware tool is for you.

The No Jailbreak program is unique in the industry and, is by far one of the easiest to use and very powerful. It captures more data, in less time, than any of the competing spy tools/programs out there. Direct access to the targeted or monitored device is totally not necessary.

It is also capable of extracting loads of data from virtually any cell phone from any part of the world including – calls, GPS location, photos, videos, social media messages (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.), web browsing history and much more.

This spyware tool boasts of many useful features, like the ability to read someone’s text messages and view all their call logs, photos and videos; It also allows you to monitor across different devices and does not require that you have the device in your possession to gather data from it. It is the ideal tool for any employer/manager who wants to keep track of employees; Parents who wish to monitor their children; or someone who wants to find out about a cheating partner or spouse. This is the tool for you.

It is designed to spy on the iMessages of any Apple device. iPhones and iPads are very complicated device to spy on but this spyware tool provided by Legendary Hacks gets the job done superbly without any hassle. It will extract iMessages and text messages from any iPhone device. To use the no-jailbreak solution you do not need to install any software on the target phone. Data from the iPhone is extracted and displayed in your Control panel which you can get to view from your cell phone, tablet or computer.

This spyware tool has incredible features which makes it unique and which also makes it one of the best tracking and monitoring tools out there, and these includes :-

  • Spy On Text Messages And SMS – With this spyware, you will be able to view the content of every text, the phone numbers associated with them and the time and date of each message.
  • Call Recording – This spyware will record both sides of every conversation and forward the recordings to your device that you can listen to at anytime you want. Recordings also can be stored if you like.
  • Monitor Social Media Activities In Real time – This spyware tool is ideal for Spouses who are either suspicious or unsure of their partner, and also for Parents, as this feature allow you check on your partner or children’s social interactions on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. It will allow you see who they are talking to, what they are saying and what they are sharing.
  • Track GPS – Whether the device you want to spy on or monitor belongs to a loved one or an employee, or it is stolen or lost, the GPS tracking feature can pinpoint its precise location on a map within 2-3 minutes interval period.
  • Monitor And Record Email – With this spyware, you can instantly access all the incoming and outgoing emails on the targeted device and you can also store all the retrieved data either on your phone, tab or computer depending on your choice.

3. The CPMS

Using this spyware enables a person to spy on a phone virtually the same as any government or law enforcement agency could. They could have access to just about anything that happens on a person’s phone. It is a powerful cell phone spy software that enables a person to spy on a cell phone or any mobile device without having the device in their possession.

It is also known to be one of the high ranking and top rated tracking and monitoring spyware that can be used to spy on any phone or device. It will penetrate directly into the targeted phone to access everything there which includes all calls (incoming and outgoing calls), call logs, access texts and recover deleted messages, access call history, track and monitor GPS, etc and lots more from any phone.

The safest way to spy on any given phone is without touching and having any physical access to the phone and with the use of this spyware – The CPMS, this will enable and allow you spy on any phone without getting hold of the device. It will totally eliminate any sort of suspicion which could arise from the target.

The major benefit of this spyware is that it runs in Stealth mode. That is the only true and real way to spy on any phone or device remotely if you do not want the target to know about it.

By making use of this spyware, you will be enabled access to just about anything that happens on the person’s phone.

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and secure way to spy on any given phone without physical access to it “THE CPMS” is the one for you. The main purpose is to be able to spy on the phone without tipping off the target.


It is important to know that there is a clear difference between spy apps and spy tools. There are different types of spy apps out there but several times without number these spy apps don’t get to work and they really do not get the job done;

The CPMS does not only get the job done, but it is set up to suit all your spying, tracking and monitoring needs.

A good and reliable spyware should be able to handle and perform a lot of various functions, such as spy phone calls, record text messages, access multimedia contents, view Instant messaging apps, spy social media etc.

That is why The CPMS is one of the best spyware because it allows you track and monitor absolutely everything else happening inside of the target phone.

Reliable And Undetectable

If you want to spy on SMS, access phone calls, access social media activities, view browser history etc without any traces, you are definitely going to need a very reliable spyware tool.

Stealth is an essential prerequisite of a cell phone spyware. Being able to spy and monitor someone’s phone undetected is very important because you do not want to get caught and reveal your identity.

If you are looking for a spyware tool that is invisible and reliable to spy on any phone, then The CPMS is the best option for you, because it ticks this box and it is totally untraceable.

Aside from the fact that The CPMS can be used to spy text messages remotely, it can also be used in a lot of other ways, which includes :

  • To Spy iPad, iPhone and Android
    It can be used to spy on any iPad, iPhone and Android devices, and log all the activities that take place on the target device.
  • Find Out About a Cheater
    You can get to find out about a cheating partner or spouse by getting to spy and monitor their phone, as well as track and monitor the text messages remotely with the use of this powerful spyware.
  • Recover Lost Phone
    It can help you to track down a lost or stolen mobile phone and eventually get it back through its GPS tracking features. Besides, if your phone is missing or stolen, it can give you very useful clues to track it down by recording text messages and call history.
  • Monitor Employees
    It can also help you enforce employee adherence to company policies. You can be able to spy and monitor the usage of the company provided mobile phones in case they are doing anything fishy that may jeopardize the well being and development of the company.
  • Protect Children
    As a parent, you can keep your kids away from the harmful sites and contents and things on the internet such as like drugs, porn, violent behavior and sexual indiscipline. These are some of the things that accompany unmonitored mobile phone and internet usage on teenagers.
  • Know who a person called and when; You will be able to access and monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls. It allows you to get real-time alerts on who is calling while also offering you full access to spy on contacts added as well.
  • Monitor a person’s activity on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, etc and see even messages or private and hidden data.
  • Find the browser history and learn which websites have been visited; You will be able to track and monitor all visited URLs from the target iPhone. This particular feature allows parents to monitor their kids activities online and as well keep them safe from online bullying and malicious sites; The same way you can monitor your spouse online activities if you suspect infidelity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Target Person Know OR Find Out That You Are Spying Their Phone?

Not at all. The software runs in stealth mode at all times making you virtually invisible, without revealing your identity as you will be able to spy on the phone contents and activities, calls, text messages, browser history and all other activities going on and happening on the targeted device.

How Do I Receive The Software?

You will be sent a step by step instructions via email on how to ACTIVATE the software after you must have made your order and request for it. The process is very quick, easy and convenient. It will be up and running within few minutes.

Do I Need To Have Physical Access To The Target Phone In Order To Make Use Of The Software?

No, not at all. You DO NOT NEED to have any physical access to the targeted phone to make use of it. All of your spying and monitoring will be done remotely.

Will The Software Work In My Country?

Yes, it is specifically designed to work in ALL countries as long as you have access to a data connection or internet connection.


In order to request for these spy program and tools if you want to spy on anyone or you need to spy and monitor someone’s phone activities, all you need to do is simply make your request HERE.

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