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How Can I Monitor A Cheating Spouse Phone?

Being unfaithful to a partner is a clear indication that the relationship is unhealthy. In the world of today, Cheaters have invented several ways to carry out their cheating acts such as through lustful video calls, flirtatious messages and so on, which is why it is necessary for you to take quick and immediate actions once you notice and suspect your spouse is cheating.

While open, honest dialogue is often regarded as the best possible course of action, it does not always yield open and honest results when you are dealing with an unfaithful spouse.

And despite the clear definitions of relationships, significant others continue to step out on their relationships and their partners. Perhaps, you are that suspecting partner.

You have noticed your spouse is acting up different recently and something feels off between the both of you. As painful as it is, you have started to suspect that your spouse might just be cheating on you.

If you believe your spouse is cheating, the best thing you can do is confront them about it directly. But several times without number we have seen and heard this mostly does not result to any positive outcome; Why? Because a cheater will never admit to cheating unless confronted with the evidence of it.

Which is why it is very important for you to act smart and be ahead whenever you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, such case you will need to move smartly to get the evidence of such.

And most people would agree to this and if you belong to the category of people that believe it is a good idea to first of all get the evidence of a cheating spouse before confronting him or her with it, then this article is meant for you; Read on to find out how to monitor your cheating spouse.

You must have felt it within you – that very crazy and disturbing feeling. That feeling of unease in your stomach where you are certain your spouse is cheating on you. You have identified and taken note of the signs. Now you want the proof and evidence.

With the rapid increase and rise in technological advancement, technology has made it easier for people to cheat on their loved ones these days with the use of smartphones and social media apps; while the same technology has also made it very possible to allow you monitor and catch a cheating spouse easily as well.

Take Note Of These Tips In Order To Monitor a Cheating Spouse

A cheater will most likely and certainly cheat using their phone, which is where it all starts from then of course the social media apps through the internet space, as it is known there are some popular social media apps cheaters use to cheat and keep it hidden; yes you heard that right.

  1. The Phone

A Phone is a treasure trove of information, and as it collects other key data about someone’s life and habits, so does it about their potential indiscretions.

The phone is where it all starts from; Look for chats, photos, or other files on your spouse’s phone or computer. Check the browser history and previous GPS locations, this can help too. This will certainly be of great help for you to get the evidence and proof but then again, that is ONLY possible if you are able to get hold of your cheating spouse phone.

  • If you can get your hands on your spouse’s phone, you can check around their messages, call logs, and even social media and Instant Messaging apps to see who they are talking to there. But you must understand that a cheater will probably not leave the evidence easily just like that openly. It is probably going to be next to impossible to even get hold of the phone. A cheating spouse will 8 times out of 10 keep their phone close to them at all times.

2. Social Media

It is no surprise that with the prevalence of social media and other dating apps, cheaters are turning to these social media apps to help them keep their affairs hidden. Trust me, there are quite a number of social media apps cheaters use frequently to hide their affair from the eyes of their significant other.

If you notice changes in the social media activity of your spouse, this might indicate that your spouse is using social media to hide something away from you. This might include frequently logging out of social media accounts, or instantly logging out of social media apps the moment you walk in on your spouse, apps like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok etc, or perhaps opening a new account, or suddenly using a different email address, or changing their passwords.

3. Sudden and Frequent Change In GPS Locations

When someone is trying to hide an affair, they often meet the person in a remote or isolated place far away from anywhere they usually frequent. If your spouse GPS shows that they’ve been frequently traveling to an unusual spot, that could be an indication that your spouse is trying to hide an affair.

  • You can track your spouse location history if they use Google by clicking on ‘previous destinations’ menu option on the navigation system if you’ve been given access to it. Alternately, for Android users the Google Timeline feature tracks similarly in the Google Maps app or even Google Maps online, if they are logged in while moving about. You can also type ‘Find My Phone’ into the search bar to see the phone’s current location.

How You Can Monitor and Catch A Cheating Spouse


This software can be installed on your computer, and the cheating person using it would never know it’s running in the background. These programs can record whatever you want, see the passwords they use, the emails they send, the pages they visit and even record them using the computer.

Hire a Hacker To Spy Cheating Spouse Phone

In order to be able to spy on a phone successfully, it must be done in such a way that you are sure of not revealing your identity, you do not want your cheating spouse to know your move and know that you are spying on their phone to get the evidence and proof of their cheating.

Therefore to be able to get this done perfectly, in order to spy so as to monitor your cheating spouse phone to get the evidence requires a skillful and experienced Phone Hacker here.

In order for you to be able to spy and monitor a cheating spouse phone so as to get the evidence, it is important you look out for the most reliable and secure way to spy the phone without having access to it, by now you should already know that a cheater wouldn’t just leave their phone hanging around. So be rest assured that getting hold of your cheating spouse phone is likely impossible.

You want to spy on the phone and remain completely invisible on your spouse device such that you will be able to track and monitor all phone calls, read text messages, access all social media activities on the target phone, view browser history, track GPS location, retrieve deleted messages, listen and record conversations and so on.

Down below are the activities which you will get access to when you track and monitor a cheating spouse phone and this will be helpful and useful in getting the evidence and proof of their cheating :

  • Internet search history – which includes access to all browser history and private browsing history.
  • Access Phone calls (listen and record all calls and conversations).
  • Text messages (View and read all sent, received, and deleted messages – all deleted messages will be retrieved and recovered).
  • The physical location of the phone through GPS tracking and monitoring.
  • Social media activities – (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Wechat, Snapchat, – comments, messages, voice and video calls etc).
  • SIM card change;
  • Record their screen;
  • Access the phone’s camera remotely and a lots more.

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