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Spy and Track on anyone and into any Mobile device remotely and securely

With the services of Legendary Hacks , you are able to spy, track and monitor absolutely anyone or anything from any part of the world. We are Professional and Ethical with the services we render unlike some other fake wanna be newbies which you need to BEWARE of. Using Legendary Hacks, you get to track any targeted mobile phone user’s exact GPS location; gain access into any targeted mobile phone and view all calls, spy text messages, gallery folders, multimedia contents; recover deleted or hidden messages, gain access to all social media activities; browser history; and lots more…

Cheating partner cases. Do you feel suspicious about your partner or spouse?

Infidelity (synonyms include: cheating, straying, adultery (when married), being unfaithful, or having an affair) is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity. Do you feel suspicious about your partner/spouse? Need help find out what your partner/spouse has been up to lately? Find out about their infidelity using Legendary Hacks, get to spy their cell phone and gain access to all what they might have been hiding/keeping away from you

Mobile Phone Spy & Hacks (Android and iOS devices)

We operate with high-end, sophisticated and ultramodern spy software & toolkit specifically designed to perform all kinds of spy and mobile phone hacks either into a targeted device (Android, Windows or iOS phones) or system. Most especially for cheating partner cases in order to unravel and detect infidelity.


Providing help and solution with our services is not the most important thing that really matter to us; but that we meet and satisfy your desired and much needed wants and requests as regards any spy or surveillance service you need help with is what really matters the most and look forward to.


Our Success rate is 100%. Having helped a lot of people across different parts of the world through rendering services and providing solutions to whichever spy
and hacks needs/challenges they are encountered with.

About Us

Our job is to provide solution to all your spy and hacks related needs. Our services is 100% safe and reliable. Our services is the real deal. BEWARE OF FAKES

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Professional, Ethical & Reliable

DISCLAIMER NOTICE : Our services is not meant for Malicious Purposes; Therefore it should not be used or intended for MALICIOUS PURPOSES and cases or situations pertaining to such. If found wanting and such cases occurs or arises, we will NOT accept responsibility and we cannot be held responsible for any situation/cases or acts of such.


35 responses to “Professional Spy & Hack Expert”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    Please i need help spy into my husband’s iphone to see his Whatsapp chats and text messages. I suspect he might be cheating on me.

    1. legendaryspyware Avatar

      Hi Victoria. Send your request via email to

    2. Sandra Avatar

      When i was suspicious about my partner and needed help to find the truth (hack.wizz1 @ g m a i l .com) came to my rescue as i was granted full access to his phone to see all chats and messages with other women he was cheating on me with, i caught him red handed and was provided with the evidence i so much needed. If you ever need to find out about a cheating partner, cell phone spy of any kind -they are the best around and very reliable.

  2. Jonathan Smith Avatar
    Jonathan Smith

    Hello, I’m looking for help to backend and have a mirror of an iPhone X that’s not in my possession. Would you be able to assist asap? Little kids involved.

  3. Elizabeth Cook Avatar
    Elizabeth Cook

    Thanks for the incredible service. Keep it up. Finally i am able to spy and monitor absolutely all my children’s activities online and on social media platforms with the help of your service. I already recommended your services to my friends

  4. Alexander Avatar

    I’d like to hack into my partner’s phone and get her location all the time and would like to hack her facebook as well. Can you help out

    1. legendaryspyware Avatar

      Hello. If you need help with any of the services. Just simply send your request via mail to

  5. Jessica Doyle Avatar
    Jessica Doyle

    I am from the UK and I suspect my husband is cheating via Whatsapp. I do not have access to his iPhone (as he has his phone with him 24/7, I also do not have his Apple ID and password.

    Will you be able to assist me and please let me know what the cost will be.


    1. Sean McVeagh Avatar
      Sean McVeagh

      Hi there
      Were you able to access his phone remotely?
      I have the same problem with my partner

  6. Aaliyah Avatar

    I want to be able to monitor my partner’s phone but he is staying far away from me. please help me and what your charges are?

  7. Sienna Ricci Avatar
    Sienna Ricci

    Can you help me to track my unfaithful cheating spouse location at every point in time. I want to be able to monitor his movement and track his phone call activities also. Is this something you can help me out with?

  8. Miguel Andres Avatar
    Miguel Andres

    Me pueden ayudar a hackear el teléfono de mi esposa? Quiero poder monitorear todas sus llamadas telefónicas, mensajes de texto y conversaciones de Whatsapp sin dejar rastros. Cuánto cuesta el servicio?

  9. Emmett Avatar

    Am in need of your help. I need to spy on my wife’s cell phone. I suspect she is cheating behind my back and involved in a secret affair at her place of work. I want full and complete access to all of her calls, text messages, whatsapp chats and facebook messages. I want to have access for a period of 3 months.
    How soon can you get this done for me and what is the price.

  10. Olivia Avatar


    I have serious doubts on my partner and i suspect he hasn’t been faithful to me lately. I am really interested in your services. How can you help me out? Will you be able to get me access to view his messages, chats, call history, social media etc just so i can find out the truth and know what he has really been up to of recent.


  11. Ellen Avatar

    Hi. How can i hire your services to help me hack a cell phone

  12. Ryan Lewis Avatar
    Ryan Lewis

    Hi. Please can you guide me through the processes and procedures on how i can get to spy on someone’s cell phone that is not in my possession. I am unable to have physical access to the phone so please help me on how i shall go about it without any suspicion from the target.

  13. Fenna Avatar

    Hulp nodig bij het hacken van de telefoon van mijn man. Ik heb het gevoel dat hij me bedriegt met iemand anders. Ik heb je hulp nodig om erachter te komen. Wat zijn de kosten van de dienst?

  14. Camille Avatar

    Need your help. Partner cheating behind my back. How can i spy on his iPhone device and access all his chats, social media and iMessages

  15. David Avatar

    I need help outside the phone monitoring

    1. legendaryspyware Avatar

      Hi David. Send your request via email to

  16. Ramon A Marquez Avatar
    Ramon A Marquez

    I suspect my wife is cheating on me. I need help to verify this once and for all. Can you help. How much is the service

  17. Kristen Johnson Avatar
    Kristen Johnson

    I suspect my boyfriend is cheating. I need help rounding out

  18. Stefani Castellani Avatar
    Stefani Castellani

    I need help to catch someone cheating. I can’t figure this out on my own.

  19. mardiningsih suwito Avatar
    mardiningsih suwito

    can you help me my boy friends always cheating on me

  20. Jason Avatar

    I would like my cheating partner caught so i may go on with my life, want facebook photos, videos, date sites, gps his location at all times. Please help me, thank you.

  21. Yell Ross Avatar
    Yell Ross

    I need to monitor my bf’s wechat without phisical access and operate the panel remotely. I’d like to know how it is charged.

  22. kear Avatar

    im suspecting my gf had a affair . i would like to knwo everything in her phone

  23. Ervin Avatar

    I bought my son his first phone just want to keep a eye on him.

  24. onero fad Avatar
    onero fad

    I’d like to hack into my partner’s phone and get her location all the time

  25. Hoo Hoo Avatar
    Hoo Hoo

    Can u please help me.My Partner is cheating behind my back. How can i get back deleted location history from her iPhone device


    hi buddy
    i want to hack my girlfriend wechat account so that i can see what’s going on there when i’m not her. So kindly help me

  27. Diego Avatar

    i am in need of you help me please. i need access to my spouse android phone as i suspect her of infidelity and being suspicious. Let me know if can help out.

  28. Francesca Avatar

    Satisfied with the outcome of the service by Legendary hacks. Though it was heartbreaking to discover the truth about my husband’s infidelity, as i was enabled access to spy his cellphone to see all intimate texts exchanged with other women and all social media activities; I am glad to find out the exact truth after all the lies he told me.

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