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We offer a wide range of services with our deep rooted knowledge as well as experience in the field of Ethical Hacking, thereby utilizing and making use of our vast knowledge and expertise in the field of Ethical Hacking Strategies in order to retrieve and recover stolen or lost funds as regards Cryptocurrency and all other Online Investment scams.

We have rendered numerous help and assistance to several clients and individuals as well as Business Investors from across different parts of the world who were victims of Cryptocurrency Fraud & Scams and other various Online Financial Scams which are known to be prevalent online.

Over the years, We are known to help victims of Online Fraud especially Financial Fraud to help them get their stolen or lost money back. Focusing on most especially Cryptocurrency Fraud and Binary Options alongside Forex and Investment Scams.

With our Funds Recovery Service, we have been able to collect to a large extent the Data base of some of these Cryptocurrency Fraud, Binary Options and Investment scam Criminals and Scammers; and we know how to track them so as to be able to recover stolen money back to the rightful owners.



Through our Funds Recovery Service, we have been able to successfully recover both stolen and lost money as well as Cryptocurrency belonging to victims of these scams and we were able to get their money recovered back to them after they were able to get in touch with us through the recovery services we render.

We operate a Reliable and Efficient Recovery Service; and our major aim and objective is to help as many victims as possible recover their stolen money back from these criminals. Our Funds Recovery Success Stories say it all.

The People We Can Help

Bank Fraud Victims

A lot of people fall victim to online banking scams every day. The scams differ in nature and these fraudsters employ various extortion methods. However, they all use the official financial institutions as a cover. Victims usually trust the banks legitimacy so they do not bother questioning the fraudulent setup. Scammers do not need your physical credit card to commit fraud, but they will use all the means possible to get your credit card info. Are you a victim of a Banking Fraud? We understand that it may seem you have lost your money, but we assure you that there is a solution for you and we can help recover your money back to you.

Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Scam Victims

Are you a victim of a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Scam? The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency scam is known to be the most common and popular scam a lot of people have fallen victim to. Cyber attackers are constantly inventing new ways to steal your coins & tokens and many people have reportedly been a victim to this type of scam. We specialize in the Recovery involving cryptocurrency transactions; And we can help you get your stolen crypto back.

Binary Options Scam Victims

Quite a number of Business Professionals have dedicated their careers to the Binary Options Trading, because this business practice has proven great potential for large gains. Unfortunately, fraudulent groups, and scam artists use Binary Options trading to exploit investors and use this market segment to con people into losing their money. Are you a victim of Binary Options Scam? We have a solution for you, and we can help you recover your stolen money.

Forex Scam Victims

Forex scam simply put means fraudulent schemes that prey on unsuspecting traders in the Foreign exchange market. These cons and scams come in various forms, including fake trading sites, fraudulent brokers, and even Ponzi schemes. The common factor, though, is that all of these scams promise high returns on investments with little to no risk and they can leave victims in financial and psychological ruin. Are you a victim of a Forex Scam? We have a solution for you, and we can help you recover your stolen money back.

Why You Should Choose Us

What Victims Of Online Fraud Had To Say…

They are the best i must confess. I was able to get my stolen money back after i fell victim to a Binary options scam. Couldn’t be happier.

They are Reliable and Professional. The entire process was transparent and open. They were able to recover 90% of my money back. Forever grateful.

Never thought i would be able to recover my stolen Crypto back after i was defrauded but i was amazed with the full recovery of my Bitcoins. I have reasons to smile again all thanks to them.


Are you a victim of an Online Scam? Do you need help recover your money back from these criminals. Irrespective of the kind of scam it may be, whether it is a Cryptocurrency Scam, Binary Options Scam, Forex Scam, Banking Fraud, Credit / Debit Card Scam or any other type of Investment Scams.


My savings were lost due to a Trading scam after investing with a Fraudulent Crypto Trading Broker. I heard about the Legendary Hacks Funds Recovery Team from a colleague who had used their service and i heard how they have rendered help to various victims in order to get their money back. I was convinced and decided to seek their help and the result arrived after a few weeks and they were able to recover majority of my money back about 85% to be specific and they are still currently working on recovering the rest.

Josh C. Morgan | Crypto Scam Victim | $560,000 Recovered.


Legendary Hacks Funds Recovery Team

Have you lost money to Online Fraud?

We know how to get your money back. We will recover your funds.

We will recover your money and get your life back. Have you been a victim of an Online scam? If so, you are most likely frustrated and feel like your life has turned upside down.

What if we provide you an opportunity to recover your money back? Will you grab that opportunity? We expect you to, and that is exactly what we are offering every single victim of Online Fraud, which is HOPE and a chance to SMILE once again.


We are helping scam and wire fraud victims from across every part of the world. We have experience in recovering all kinds of scam (Whether it is Financial Scam, Investment Fraud, Ponzi Scheme, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Scam and others).

In some cases we are covering the Full Investigation of the online actions taken by the criminals who have scammed our clients. Retrieving the cyber footprints of the scam will assist in recovering the funds that were stolen.

There are different types of scams. We utilize years of experience to recognize the model of the fraud of each case. Understanding the fraud model assists in uncovering the fraudsters and thus increases the chance of recovering the stolen money.

6 thoughts on “Funds Recovery Service”

  1. I was scammed out of my life savings ($863,000 to be precise) lost to a crypto scam; i have been searching for who will help me but as each day passes by it looks almost impossible to get any help. I became desperate in search of help and in the process i came across an article online which recommended your services of being able to recover stolen money and several cases of your successful crypto recoveries and i am writing to seek your help and assistance. I have lost a lot and i feel so ashamed. Please i need your help recover back my stolen money.

  2. André Santiago

    In my search for assistance in recovering my stolen coins, I came across this funds recovery experts, and they were very helpful. Coin-Flip scammed me out of both my investment capital and the return on my $125,000 coin investment three months ago. I nearly lost my mind if not for the Legendary Hacks Funds Recovery Team for recovering majority of my money. If you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance, you can rely on their services.

  3. Help needed! I have just recently been scammed of my hard earned money lost to a fraudulent forex trading platform, these scam brokers made several fake promises but it was already too late before i realized it was all lies as i was prevented from making any withdrawals from my account. They duped me of £248,000; please i require your services in helping me get back my money from them.

  4. I had an old hard drive with BTC inside of it that I mined years ago. Unfortunately, when I tried to get it up and running again, the data was corrupted. The Legendary hacks funds recovery team helped me to recover the Bitcoins I had on it even after I thought it was lost forever. My old investment paid off big time and I was able to reap the rewards thanks to the expertise of the Legendary hacks funds recovery team. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient recovery service.

  5. In the ever changing world of cryptocurrencies, I experienced the heart-wrenching feeling of losing a significant amount of Bitcoin. Amidst the uncertainty, The Legendary Hacks Funds Recovery Team appeared as a beacon of hope. With their knowledge and determination, they executed a comprehensive recovery plan that surpassed my expectations. Their skills and expertise in navigating the intricate web of blockchain technology and their approach made all the difference. I was so impressed with their remarkable expertise in recovering my bitcoins. The recovery of your stolen money or lost crypto is certain with their services.

  6. My sincere gratitude to the person who commented on how he used the services of the Legendary hacks funds recovery team to recover his scammed bitcoin from coin flip. Now, I can attest to the great work of these recovery experts because of the services they provided to me recently. Just a couple of days ago, some scammers gained access to my crypto wallet and stole all my coins worth $160,500. I was in great despair due to this situation. I can testify that the Legendary hacks recovery experts are really good at what they do as just after relating all of my predicaments, details of the incident and provided them with all the required evidence; It took them less than a week to track and recover all my coins back. I am forever grateful to them for what they did for me.

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